Red/Blue Kachina Preparation Course
[4 dvd's]

Red/Blue Kachina Preparation Course
The Red and Blue Kachina's are upon us. They are the physical representation of the RNA, and DNA that is dormant in all of us. The Kachina religion was created by the Hopi, Navajo, and Piute/Ute. The so called Pueblo cultures that developed in the SouthWest plains came out of an earlier ancestral People known as the Anasazi, also called the Ancient ones. The name ancient Ones shows a connection to the Ancient Tamoanchan Cultures (Olmec,Washitaw,Washo etc.). The sudden disappearance of the People around 1300 ad, has led to many wild speculations by so called Archeologists. This class series dives into the real history(Literal, Symbolic, and Mythical) of our Original Autochthon Peoples of the great west. How the Kachina religion started is a mystery to some, however not to all. Aseer The Duke Of Tiers gets into the science and everyday life of the Anasazi, as well as what happened to them. What they left behind for us as their descendants, and the awakening of the Cosmic Star Seed within the original People, and why there is such a need to cover up this area of Black History. This series is full of images and reference materials, that will help the urban Scholar retrace the steps of our ancestors. Not to mention unlock the codex left behind in the symbolism of the RED and BLUE Kachinas. Hotep PLEASE SUPPORT REAL RESEARCH!

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